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About me

Hi, I am Gil Salas Cagalawan, born to Jose Bacoy Cagalawan from Balingasag, Misamis Oriental and Isabel Raro Salas of Duero, Bohol in the month of  Taurus and Dragon zodiac signs. My siblings call me Jojo, former classmates called me Gil Cags or Caga but most of my friends and acquaintances call me Jocags. Jocags is short for Jojo Cagalawan. Anyhow, just call me "jocags".

I co-founded a non profit corporation called Life 4 Water, Incorporated. It is a small non-profit corporation based in Iligan City, Philippines. It's corporate mission is to provide capability building training to poor rural communities, mostly in central and western Mindanao in order for these communities to develop and manage water resources. It also popularizes the use of hydraulic ram pumps, a kind of water pump that doesn't use electricity nor fuel to lift water to an elevation higher than its source.

Life 4 Water fabricates the ram pump I designed. Actually, ram pump technology is very old way back  in 1700s. My contribution to the ram pump technology is my innovation in the design of the check valves which minimizes water excess thereby increasing pump efficiency.

I also provide technical consulting service to local government units mostly in Zamboanga Del Sur and Zamboanga Del Norte areas, as well as in Lanao Del Norte and Lanao Del Sur, too. My services are mostly confined in developing strategies and implementing mechanics in bringing about community development;  these are in areas in but not limited to, land use planning, water resource utilization and development program, rural enterprise development and agricultural production using natural farming methods.

Before my stints with non profit organizations, I was an Engineering Assistant in Plant Engineering at National Steel Corporation from 1985-1991.

In 1992-1994 I worked with Philippine Peasant Institute - Punlaan sa Himpapawid Radio Network as Radio coordinator for Lanao.  In 1994, I established the Taurus Advertising &  Crafts, a small family business that provides services in design and fabrication of advertising signs and also engaged in  screen printing, too.

Right now my passion for community development, peace and prosperity can be seen in Life 4 Water's corporate mission while my artistic abilities and entrepreneurial skills are intertwined in the small advertising business me and my wife built--the Taurus Advertising & Crafts. 

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