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About Life 4 Water, Incorporated

 The Organization.

Life 4 Water, Incorporated is a small non-profit corporation whose main office is based in Iligan City, Philippines. It has a provincial headquarters in Ramon Magsaysay Zamboanga Del Sur. 

Along with a friend, Racrac Antquisa, we both found the organization in November 2002 and got it registered with the Philippines Securities and Exchange Commission in november2003. It is registered as a non-stock, non-profit corporation having a registration code CN 200322741.

Vision and Mission.

It envisioned that communities nurture water resources as sources for safe drinking water  is dwindling  at a fast rate. It is on this premise that Life 4 Water aims to enable communities to develop and manage water resources.


"We develop water systems to empower people; we help empower people to gain livelihoods, we help people gain livelihoods to improve life; we help improve life to sustain water."

Goals and Objectives

1. Strengthen the organization both the Leadership and Management so that the vision and mission is understood and lived by from top of the organizational structure down to the staff level.

2. Forge strong partnership with rural communities, other stakeholders and local government units: from the village to the province level and so on in developing and implementing  sound community water programs.

3. Enable rural communities and local government units in planning, designing and managing water systems by giving appropriate water technologies and enhance their skills to utilize those technologies.

4. Develop enterprising at the organization level and as well at the community level to ensure sustainability of projects also develop self-reliance.

Programs and Services

The Water for Empowerment, Life and Livelihood or W.E.L.L.  is the core program of Life 4 Water. This program is about enabling the rural community in Water and Watershed Planning, Designing Water System; skills training in Plumbing; Managing and Supervising Water System Construction and Managing a Community Water System with business perspective - (Water) .  In the WELL program, agricultural production is the major component. Home Gardening  using the natural farming technology is taught at the household level as well as raising animals like pig, chicken, etc. to ensure food security and augmentation of income - (Livelihood). Hands-on training and livelihoods empowers people; empowerment improves peoples' lives.

The OJT and Internship program of Life 4 Water is supplementary program. Future development professionals and other development workers who would like to join the L4W workforce pass through this program in order for them to "feel" what is to be a Life 4 Water. Second, it prepares them to face the many challenges about working for community development and, third, develop mastery in their chosen field of focus like agri engineering, water design, crop production, etc. before going into more serious works. Trainees/Interns work with corresponding officer of Life 4 Water in order to ensure smooth and efficient impart of knowledge and skills.

Life 4 Water provides consulting in water engineering - water studies, profiling, water designing and training services to mostly local government units. It also provide water system construction services in joint undertakings with local governments.

Life 4 Water designs and manufactures ram pump for local clientele, mostly local government units.

Funds Sources

Life 4 Water rely its operation mostly from  sales of ram pumps, professional fees in construction engineering and supervision. It also earns from supply of construction materials to other water construction projects.

In June 2008 to September 2009, the Philippines-Australia Community Assistance Program or PACAP provided more than Php 2 million in grant for the Wakat Water for Empowerment, Life and Livelihood Project in Zamboanga Del Sur. The project was done a big success.

Current Undertakings

Life 4 Water is now working with local government units and non-government organizations either in constructing water sytems or developing water project proposals. In Marawi City, tied up with Mayor Sultan Fahad Salic for the construction of a small water system near Mindanao State University; works with LGU of Salug and Polanco in Zamboanga Del Norte, in Dumingag and Ramon Magsaysay in Zamboanga Del Sur and in Baloi in Lanao Del Norte; all for the development and construction of ram pump powered water systems.Meanwhile, it also assists RDRRAC, a local NGO in developing water project proposal for the Municipality of Munai in Lanao Del Norte.

A Php 1.2 M PACAP funded W.E.L.L. project to be implemented by Life 4 Water in Brgy. Angga-an, Damulog, Bukidnon will commence soon after compliance and approval of pertinent partnership documents and agreement.

Projects Undertaken as of October 2009







Remarks/Project Context


Wakat Water for Empowerment, Life and Livelihood (WELL.) Project

15 months

(June 2008 – Sept 2009)

Brgy. Wakat, Ramon Magsaysay, Prov. of Zamboanga Del Sur, Philippines

Philippines-Australia Community Assistance Program (PACAP) - RAS

Php 2,359,204.15

Turned-over to community organization September 2009



Angga-an Water for Empowerment, Life and Livelihood (A-WELL.) Project

9 months

(Oct 2009 – July 2010

Brgy. Angga-an, Damulog, Province of Bukidnon, Philippines

Philippines-Australia Community Assistance Program (PACAP) - RAS

Php  1,194,400.00

On-going. Project includes training community organization in water source development and management, water system construction supervision and management, managing a community water system, plumbing and on how to make and develop home garden using natural farming technology system


Ram Pump driven water system project

3 months

October – December 2009

MSU - Marawi City, Philippines

Mayor Sultan Fahad “Pre” Salic and Marawi City Engineering Office

Php  350,000.00

Train local personnel in spring development, water system construction and ram pump operation


Construction of Ram Pump driven water system project

6 months

June – December 2009

Brgy. Calumangi and Brgy Senote, Mun. of Dumingag, Zamboanga Del Norte, Philippines

Local Government Unit of Municipality of Dumingag, Province of Zamboanga Del Sur




On-going. Installation of 3 units ram pump.

L4W Hydraulic Ram Pump

This ram pump is currently installed in Ramon Magsaysay,  Zamboanga Del Sur. A ram pump is water-powered. It does not need electricity nor fuel to deliver water to an elevation higher than its source. It utilizes the kinetic energy of running water and with the sudden closure of the impulse valve of the ram pump it creates a water hammer effect, a very high  pressure is created. This high pressure is channeled to a pressurized chamber of the ram. Water in the pressurized chamber is pushed by the compressed to the delivery pipe. Ask about ram pump, Email me... 

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